Check this page for one-of-a-kind handmade items.  You might find quilts, knitted scarfs, mittens, sweaters, women’s clothing, small quilted items.

I also will make custom quilted jackets and vests and quilted mesa cloths for North American shamans that connect to our North American cultural history.  Please contact me if you are interested in these products.  Follow the links to see some samples and additional information.







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Karaoke Scarf   $45.00

Hand knitted from South West Trading Company (SWTC) Karaoke.  50% soy silk; 50% wool yarn.  Very soft and very warm.  Hand wash and dry flat.  Approximately 90” x 5”. 

Royal Bamboo Sweater  $50.00

Summer sweater hand knitted from Plymouth Yarns Royal Bamboo, 100% bamboo yarn.  My camera does not like the color play and I could not get a clear photo.  See the detail photo for a better example of the colors and the eyelet design on the bottom half.  This is very soft stretchy yarn and the sweater is a Women’s XL.  The approximate measurements:  Shoulder to hem 23”; width at hemline 52”; width at underarm 44”.  The neckline is very wide and can be adjusted by moving the ribbons.  Hand wash, dry flat.

Angora Scarf  $45.00

This luxurious drop stitch scarf is hand knit with angora yarn and rayon ribbon.  The yarns are Bouton d-Or Angora 70% (70% angora, 30% wool) and Bouton d’Or Flash (88% viscose, 12% polyamide).  Approximately 50” x 6”.  Hand wash, dry flat.

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Merino Shawl   $125.00

Hand knitted fine soft merino wool.  Trimmed with Boa.  Very soft and comfy.  Hand wash and dry flat.  Almost 5 feet long at the point.  A wonderful wrap.

For a knitter, or someone else who wants a medium sized pouch.  These quilter’s cotton pouches are about 12” square when lying flat and close up to a nice round shape that will hold a ball of yarn, a set of circular needles and a (folded) page of instructions. They can be made in two colors on the outside; reversed on the inside (as is the sample); or one color on the outside and one on the inside.  The drawstrings are knitted I-cord in a contrasting or complementary color.  You tell me what general color scheme you want and whether you want one or two designs on the outside.  The cost is $18.00. 

Baby Sweater  $10.00 

Baby sweater hand knitted from 100% cotton yarn in a variety of greens and yellows.  I made it to test a design and having no children of my own am not sure of the size.  A bit larger than a newborn, but not much bigger than that I don’t think.  $10.00.  (It needs buttons.  I am willing to add the 3 buttons it needs, but will also need to charge for them, making a total addition to the price of $10.00.)

For the Knitter  $18.00