Traditional Peruvian mesa cloths are hand or machine woven of llama or alpaca fiber.  Red is often one of the prominent colors and the cloths have symbolic designs associated with Peruvian spiritual traditions.  While I am a student of the Q’ero indian tradition of Peruvian shamanism, my roots are firmly planted in New England and the northeastern United States.  The symbolism and methods of Peru may not necessarily connect firmly with the foundations of spiritual seekers who live and grow in the northeastern United States.  I am developing quilted mesa cloths, 22”-24” inches square, that rely on traditional quilting designs of the United States, but are made in the spirit of the Peruvian traditional mesa cloth.

Each cloth is unique.  It is my intention to make each of these cloths only once.  The prices vary, depending on the complexity of the design and the nature and intensity of the embellishment.  The ones featured here are priced as marked.  If you want a “customized” quilted mesa cloth, please contact me letting me know what you would like. I will get back to you with a price.  Custom mesa cloth prices start at $75.00.  Payment in full is due on order.  Once I have started a design for you, there will be no refunds.  Return to “One of a Kind Page.”