Fancy vests can be made in several styles.  Below is a multi-colored bargello style vest.  The others are what I call “mish-mosh quilt” style, and each is unique.  All vests are fully reversible, although generally I will only decorate one side.  While I prefer not to make buttonholes, a vest that buttons, snaps or zips can be arranged.

Each vest is custom made to your size and will take approximately one month to deliver.  If you want one of these vests, please contact me and I will send you the information I need to construct the vest.    You will need to provide me with a pattern of your choice in the correct size. I will prepare a musline pattern from the paper pattern that you will fit and approve before I complete the quilted work.  Vest prices start at $175.00 for a bargello style, up to 40” bust/hip measurement.  Larger sizes start at $200.00.  Mish-mosh quilt designed vests start at $225.00.  Final price for the vest depends upon the length, the fabric and the embellishments or add-ons. 

Payment terms:  If the total price is $300.00 or less, $100.00 on order; the balance when you approve the muslin.  If the total price is more than $300.00:  50% on order; the balance when you approve the muslin.  No part of the down payment is refundable if you fail to pay the balance when requested.  Return to “One of a Kind Page.”