Shamans are healers who intervene at the level of the luminous sphere and the chakras. Shamanism can be referred to as “energy work". A shaman is a “see-er" who locates stagnated energy and crystallized forms in the luminous sphere which contribute to stress and poor health. A shaman can remove the imprints from a chakra which create repetitive dysfunctional circumstances in the glands, which can result in disease.

A shaman also assists clients to see their life circumstances and patterns in new ways. The healing takes place on both the mental and energetic plane. In contrast to other energy modalities, the shaman does not bring his or her energy into the person's field. The shaman removes blocks and assists the flow of energy in the luminous sphere of the person he or she is working with.

In a typical healing session, I might use the tools of chakra illumination, soul retrieval, body re-imaging, yoga, word deconstruction or extractions to help move your energy so that there is room in you body and luminous field for change to occur in your life.  All of these tools are non-invasive and most do not require physical contact. These practices are very safe and can do no harm.

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