Type B Feather

Turkey wing feather wrapped in leather or suede and tied with yarn, natural or simulated sinew or wire.



Type D Feather (Limited Quantity)

A pair of turkey tail feathers wrapped in leather or fabric and your tie of choice.

$25.00 Short Feathers

$35.00 Long Feathers









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Type A Feather

Turkey wing feather wrapped in red felt, or printed cotton or wool, tied with yarn, natural or simulated sinew.



Salves &


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Feather Fans

I can  make a ceremonial fan for you using your feathers or mine. 

Custom fans use a variety of feathers, gleaned from nature’s resources, leather, felt and other fibers to create the fan of your visions and dreams.  The fee will be determined after consultation with you and a decision about the number and types of feathers.  I do not sell raptor, song bird or exotic bird feathers.  If you wish to use these types of feathers in your fan, you must obtain them from appropriate sources.

I also sell “stock” wrapped feathers as pictured below.  These are made to order, so please allow two to three weeks for their delivery.  The cost listed is for the fan using feathers from my stock.  Shipping is additional.  If the fan is shipped into New York State, I must also add sales tax.

To purchase a fan or to receive more information, contact me or click the “Buy Now” button.

Type C Feather (Only 7 available)

Turkey wing feather with attached guard feather, wrapped in fabric or leather, with your choice of ties.  A string of small shells or beads can be added.



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