The traditional Tibetan mandala is a representation of a universe  and everything within it.   Following this tradition, when you enter Sarah’s Mandala, you enter a universe of imagination and actualization where creativity and healing are valued and encouraged.  My dream is that each person will experience a vibrant health filled life, with mind, body and spirit fully integrated.  On each sector of Sarah’s Mandala a special landscape awaits.  At the center of Sarah’s Mandala you will find healing using the shamanic principles of the Jaguar Path, Reiki and yoga, as well as meditation, creative visualization and hypnosis.  Surrounding rooms in Sarah’s Mandala contain comfort items such as salves, ointments and oils.  Practitioners will find rooms in Sarah’s Mandala containing ceremonial practitioner wares, such as fans, special stones and quilted mesa cloths.  The casual visitor will find a chamber containing one of a kind handmade items.

I stand firmly at the center of Sarah’s Mandala.  I am trained in the shamanic tradition of the Q’ero people of Peru through The Jaguar Path.  I provide shamanic consultation, hypnosis, Reiki, creative visualization and yoga practice.  My healing practices are a cooperative effort:  you are the healer; I am the tool.  Together we can create the life you have envisioned for yourself.  I want to help you reach the center of your universe.

I teach meditation, creative movement, knitting and quilt design and am certified to teach various principles of the Jaguar Path, including Yoga and the Luminous Body.   I conduct fire ceremonies and sweat lodges, and can help you create customized ceremonies for your special occasion.

Visit Sarah’s Mandala and step into the universe of all possibilities. . .










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